Examples of Minor Repairs

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Can a homeowner repair their own on-site mechanical sewer system? Yes, according to the Department of Health and Hospitals, minor type repairs and maintenance are allowed by the home owner in certain situations.

However, during the first two years from installation, in order for the homeowner to receive full warranty on the system the service provider must inspect and maintain the system as well as provide mandatory maintenance and service reports every 6 months to DHH. After the 2 years, the service provider must offer the homeowner an extended service contract, which the homeowner has the right of refusal. However, if refused, the homeowner is obligated to either have some other certified approved service provider maintain their system or obtain a State DHH approved Homeowners Maintenance License.

The following are example of Minor Repairs and Maintenances:

1.) Air filters may be changed. However, the filter must be the system manufacturer’s approved part.
Minor Filter

2.) Ant piles and related debris may be removed in and around the system such as timers and around the blower motor.

Minor Ants Timer Box Minor Ants Blower Box

3.) Electrical outlet receptacles may be repaired or replaced with comparable parts.
Minor Recepticle

4.) Air line fittings may be repaired in accordance with manufactures' specifications.

5.) The blower motor may be replaced in accordance with manufactures' specifications and guidelines.
Minor Blower Motor