Liquor/Beer Permit

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How to Apply for a Liquor/Beer Permit

Division of Planning & Development
Occupational License Department
Contact: Carolyn Rashall
Phone:  (337) 721-3640 OR 1-800-826-6092
Fax: (337) 436-6764 
1015 Pithon Street, 3rd Floor
Lake Charles, LA
P.O. Box 1583
Lake Charles, LA 70602


*Class A: Liquor - $100.00
Beer - $35.00
*Class B:  Liquor - $50.00
Beer - $25.00
Occupational License: $50.00 (pro-rated after first thirty days)
Liquor License: $150.00 (pro-rated after first thirty days)

*Class A - Consumption on premises
*Class B - Consumption off premises

Submit the following:

  • Legal description of property to obtain zoning compliance from the Division of Planning and Development.
  • Run an ad in local newspaper for one day (as per State law) stating you are applying to the Alcoholic Beverage Commission of the State of Louisiana for a permit to sell beverages of high and/or low alcoholic content (low alcoholic content if applying for only beer). Submit proof of publication document as provided by the newspaper company.
  • Completed local applications (beer and/or liquor applications)
  • State sales tax clearance certificate obtained from the Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation (15th floor of Capital One Bldg. - Ph. (337) 491-2504).
  • Local sales tax clearance certificate from the Calcasieu Parish Sales & Use Tax Office at 2439 6th Street, Lake Charles, LA - Ph. (337) 217-4280.
  • Inventory/Property Tax Certification Form from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Tax Collector’s Office, 1011 Lakeshore, Suite 100, Lake Charles, LA - Ph. (337) 491-3680.
  • Obtain an approval from the Calcasieu Parish Health Unit (Sanitation Dept.) at 3236 Kirkman Street, Lake Charles, LA - Ph: (337) 480-2550.
  • Notarized written lease, if you are not the owner of the property. (or proof of property ownership).
  • Copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate if applying as a corporation or L.L.C. (Articles of Organization) Ph: (225) 925-4704.
  • Notarized partnership agreement, if applying as a partnership.
  • A “Schedule A” must be executed by the manager, owner, each partner, each officer, and every stockholder owning more than 5%  of the capital stock.
  • Copy of driver’s license.
  • Naturalized citizens must present naturalization papers at time of submitting documents.
  • Sign an acknowledgment that you have received a copy of the Parish Code of Ordinances - Section 4-12 (a) 14 (a) (b) concerning the playing of live or recorded music within 200 feet of a residence and agreeing to comply with such regulations as part of the application for issuance of a beer and/or liquor permit.

The owner’s name(s) and trade names must agree on all documents submitted (applications, sales tax clearances, property/inventory tax certification form, health unit approvals, leases, ads and etc.) whether applying as an individual, corporation, or partnership. Names must appear as on the driver’s license, no nicknames.

Applicants must meet all qualifications (i.e. must be at least 21, no felony convictions, etc.)

Applications are presented to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury for approval. They meet the first and third Thursday of each month.

Applicants must also apply for State Alcoholic Beverage Permits. The State ATC Agent is in Lake Charles, LA each Tuesday on the 15th Floor of the Capital One Bldg., Lake Charles, LA (Department of Revenue & Taxation) –Agent: Norrie Edgar - Phone: 337-491-2028.

To download a printable application, please click here.