Occupational Licenses

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How To Apply For Business Licenses

An annual business license tax is required for persons conducting or pursuing a trade, profession, occupation or vocation within the Parish of Calcasieu, outside any municipality per L.R.S. 47:341.

A zoning compliance is required before a new license can be issued.  A legal description of the business property is required to obtain a zoning compliance from the Planning and Development Office. You may fax your legal description to the zoning office at 337-436-6764.

Submit your application for an occupational license. The basic fee in any category is $50.00; pro-rated after the first thirty days according to the first month's gross receipts.

Business classifications are listed inside the business application form.

Register with the School Board Sales Tax Office for a local sales tax number.
(2439 6th St., Phone: 337-217-4280)

Register with the LA Dept. of Revenue and Taxation for a state sales tax number. (15th Floor of Capital One Bldg., One Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA.) Contractors are also required to obtain a "certification of resident contractor" from the state if they are residents of LA, and a "certification of non-resident contractor" if they are based out of state, before obtaining their local license. Phone: 337-491-2504.

Register with the Calcasieu Parish Tax Assessors Office on the first floor of the Magnolia Building at 1011 Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA (Phone: 337-721-3000).

If the establishment serves food, obtain a Health Unit approval from the Calcasieu Parish Sanitation Department, 3236 Kirkman Street, Lake Charles, LA (Phone:337-480-2550).

Any questions contact: Carolyn Rashall, License Coordinator at 337-721-3640, or for calls outside our local calling area, our toll free number is: 1-800-826-6092.

Click here to download an application for an occupational license and to view a tax table.

Make check payable to:

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury
P.O. Box 1583
Lake Charles, LA 70602
(337) 721-3640
Toll free: 1-800-826-6092
Fax: (337) 721-4175