MARC's Mission

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The mission of the Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) is to use evidence based screenings and referrals to divert at-risk youth from the juvenile justice system into appropriate and meaningful services when necessary that will lead to better outcomes for youth and their families. 

The MARC is a single entry point and coordinated approach to youth services that assists local systems of care in managing community resources efficiently and effectively in Calcasieu Parish. The MARC also provides a non-threatening, inclusive atmosphere for those parents and/or non-system youth simply looking for information.

The MARC also assists families with crisis intervention and will assist them in identifying solution focused services that divert the youth, when possible, from formal case processing by the justice system.


To provide a portal of entry for troubled youth between ages 6 – 17. 

To provide timely and comprehensive assessments that link youth and families to most appropriate community services.

To improve the level of student participation in school and increase attendance by children who receive services.

To reduce school suspensions, reduce the number of students at academic risk among children who receive services.

To develop and implement an integrated case management system or referral system for all clients referred to the MARC case management process that, a) outlines intervention needs and plans; b) makes referrals to the indicated service; and c) monitors the service delivery and makes assessments as needed.

To serve as a source of information to juvenile justice and children’s policy-makers.

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