Pre-Purchase Counseling

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Buying a home is a big step. We can prepare you to take it.

This program will allow clients to meet one-on-one with a counselor to discuss the criteria for buying a home, review mortgage products for first time homebuyers, determine a budget and overall credit history information, understand the steps to buying a home, and learn about losing and post closing information.

Counselors can assist clients in preparing an "action plan" to follow to prepare for homeownership. Documents usually required for your appointment will include current pay stubs from your present employer, credit information, etc. Additional information may be required.

Steps for Homebuyer Preparation:

  • Review your credit report and identify steps for improvement
  • Establish a Budget and a savings account to reduce your debt
  • Stabilize your income and employment
  • Attend a homebuyer workshop to ensure you understand the process of buying a home
  • Contact a counselor for a one-on-one review

CLICK HERE to print out a flyer to take with you or to share with others who may want free financial counseling.