Speed Bumps and Humps:

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Why Calcasieu Parish Does Not Install Them

The Parish is responsible for designing, construction and maintaining safe roadways. This includes the provision of a smooth traveled way, void of abrupt bumps, which could lead to accidents and liability.

Speed bumps and humps have considerable potential for personal liability suits, therefore many jurisdictions, including the Parish have rejected them as a standard traffic control device on public streets.

Tests of various experimental designs have demonstrated the physical inability of speed bumps and humps to successfully control all types of passenger vehicle speeds. An overly high bump can cause damage to the under carriage of a low riding vehicle. A smoother bump can cause an uncontrollable rocking on a smaller vehicle.

Documented problems that other jurisdictions experience when they installed speed humps in various locations are:

  • Irritated motorists driving through yards to go around the humps.
  • Enticement of children playing in the street.
  • Delay of emergency vehicles response times
  • Speeding between bumps, peeling out, etc., to compensate for lost time.

The control of speeding in residential neighborhoods is a widespread concern which requires a persistent law enforcement effort.