Volunteer Opportunities

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There are many ways to help. See below!

  1. Pet Adoption Counseling
  2. Phoning for the Lost and Found Program and for pet adoption home checks.
  3. Collecting contributions for wildlife rehab centers, foster homes, etc. (i.e. fish, produce, etc.)
  4. Pet Therapy - assisting other volunteers in visiting nursing homes & special home-bound programs. *Animals must be owned animals, preferably dogs that are "Pet Therapy" or "Good Citizenship" certified.
  5. Humane education programs at schools, libraries and civic organizations.
  6. Humane oriented booths at festivals and fairs and special collection programs like Gaines, Paws to Recycle, etc.
  7. Fund Raising projects.
  8. Grant research and filing.
  9. Clerical work - i.e. typing licenses into computer, filing, copying, etc.
  10. Janitorial and Facility Maintenance work - Cleaning of facility and surrounding grounds.
  11. Carpenter work - repair and maintenance of kennels and cages.
  12. Foster homes for domestic pets until permanent homes can be found. *Requires record keeping and contracts.
  13. Searching garage sales for donated cages and materials for humane societies and wildlife rehabilitation centers.
  14. Exercise dogs housed at the shelter.
  15. Bathing and grooming dogs and cats to increase their adoptability.
  16. Socializing cats and kittens to increase their adoptability.
  17. Creative endeavors with web sites, ads, public events, etc.
  18. Artists - creating displays, murals, etc.
  19. Ride as a "Reserve Animal Control Officer" in the field capturing loose, stray and lost animals.
  20. Can you think of another way to help?