Protect Yourself

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Protect Yourself PREFERREDYou've just come face to face with a coyote. What do you do?




Human attacks from coyotes are very rare, and unless provoked, they will generally leave you alone. But what happens if you encounter a coyote that gives the appearance of becoming aggressive?

The following tips are proven tactics to use that will help in protecting yourself from harm.

Tip #1:  Remain Calm
Don't panic or run away! Coyotes have been known to give chase, usually outrunning the person trying to get away from it. 

Tip #2: Show your size and intimidate
Wave your arms and yell.  Slowly approach the coyote while continuing to wave your arms and yell.  Doing this should scare the coyote away. 

Tip #3: Use noise devices
Whistles, air horns and other noise-makers scare coyotes and send the message that they shouldn't associate with humans. 

Tip #4: Continue intimidation until coyote is out of sight
Even if a coyote runs away but then stops to look at you, don't stop your intimidation tactics. It's important to keep scaring the coyote until it leaves the area completely.