Protect Your Property

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BackyardWhat’s in your yard?

Do you place your trash in open containers outside? If your dog lives in the backyard, do you keep their food bowl filled with food all the time? These are a few questions you have to consider in protecting your property from attracting coyotes.

Follow these helpful tips and "Coyote-Proof" your yard!

Tip #1: Garbage
    Garbage that’s easily accessible outside can attract coyotes to visit your property. 

    -Store garbage in secure containers.
    -Also, place your trash out during the daytime hours. Doing this reduces the threat 
     of encountering a coyote face to face.

Tip #2: Outside Food
    -Remove pet food containers each evening, and bring them indoors. Even 
     when a container is empty, a coyote’s sense of smell can pick up food residue and
     follow the scent to your property.

    -Water can be just as enticing as food for coyotes in dry weather. Remove any pet 
     water bowls and other items that can collect water.

    -Do you have the following items in your backyard?
         Fruit Trees:       Pick up any fallen fruit. 
         Bird Seed:         Rake areas around bird feeders; Coyotes eat the loose seeds.  

Tip #3: Tell Your Neighbors
    -Encourage your neighbors to follow these simple steps too.  With everyone's
      participation, coyotes will be less-attracted to the entire area, thereby protecting
      your property even more.