Coyotes 101

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"Coyotes are only active at night"                                                              FALSE
"Coyotes only roam into residential neighborhoods near wooded areas"             FALSE
"Coyotes can be domesticated into pets"                                                     FALSE

Coyote 101

There are several misconceptions and little-known facts about the coyote. Learn all about the coyote and its general habits below:

  • Description: 
    The coyote can range from 20-50 lbs. and is about 2 feet tall at the shoulders; about the size of a small German shepherd. They are usually gray or buff-colored with a bushy tail.

    Coyotes breed in the winter and raise pups in the spring. Coyotes are usually
    seen alone or in pairs. In summer or fall, you may see a family
    group that includes older pups.

    The coyote is intelligent and extremely adaptable.

  • Habitat:
    Coyotes originally roamed the Great Plains, but with the decline of the wolf, have spread their territory across most of North and Central America. Once rural, coyotes have become common in suburbs and cities where food sources are plentiful. They are most often seen at dawn and dusk, but can be active anytime.

  •  Diet:
    Coyotes will eat anything. Their regular diet is small animals such as rabbits, rodents and insects. They also eat carrion, lizards, snakes, fruit, vegetable matter and fish. Cats and small dogs become prey when wild animals are scarce during drought or extreme weather or when coyotes are used to scavenging pet food and garbage in neighborhoods.