Preventing Coyote Conflicts

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We want to "stop" coyotes
    -From entering suburban areas of the Parish. 
    -From making it easy for coyotes to establish dens in close proximity of
    -From entering private property and jeopardizing the welfare of pets and loved ones. 
    -From adapting to interaction with humans. 

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is committed to addressing this issue with awareness and education. But in order for the program to be successful, we can't do it alone; We need your help!

Please click on the pictures below to find out how you can become involved and help "stop" coyotes from being a nuisance to Calcasieu Parish.


Protect Your Property Protect Your Loved Ones Protect Yourself

Coyote Facts 101 Stop Coyotes Media

Report Coyote Sightings