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Litter-Free Zones
Businesses are sending a message to the litterers of the parish that in Calcasieu: You Can’t Afford to be Trashy anymore!  In an effort to keep Calcasieu Parish clean, businesses and organizations are being given the opportunity to take an active role in fighting litter, by becoming a "Litter-Free Zone."

Litter-Free Zone Decal2

By placing a litter-free zone decal at the businesses' point of entry, they are sending a message of support to the community.  Their support contributes to the beauty, health, vitality and economy of Calcasieu parish and further bolsters its growing reputation as a leader on this and many other issues.

"Business Partners from the Beginning"
Did you know there are other ways you can help, in addition to the litter-free decal?  One great example of support is shown by the great people at area McDonald's and Don's Car Wash. 

When the anti-litter program was launched, these two organizations each purchased 30,000 litter bags to hand out to customers.  These litter bags have the litter hotline displayed on the front, which serves as a helpful reminder to citizens who see someone littering. 

The key to the success of "You Can't Afford to be Trashy" is the constant presence to the community that littering will not be tolerated here in Calcasieu Parish.  

Get Involved!
If you have any questions, or would like to participate in other ways, please contact Cindy Murphy at (337)-721-3515, or email her here.