Creative Litter Campaigns

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If you're familiar with our litter campaign slogan "You can't afford to be trashy," you'd be right in concluding that we don't like litter riddling our scenic areas in Calcasieu Parish. 

However, you'll see in this "Creative Litter" section of the website, innovative ways we're spreading our anti-litter message by fusing real litter items with culture and creativity. We hope these eye-catching projects will inspire a drastic reduction in litter found in Calcasieu Parish.

Youth in Calcasieu Parish helped us spread the message to use Calcasieu dump sites with a fun Adele parody featuring the vocals of Lake Charles Young Band Nation.




The Calcasieu Parish Litter Program introduces litter ambassadors, Trashsquatch and "Fetch the Litter Retriever," in this music video featuring the vocals of country music star Brad Brinkley.



To see more Police Jury litter videos, click HERE.  


Fetch the Litter Retriever is helping Calcasieu Parish school children keep their campuses clean. Fetch is a 4-foot-tall dog made entirely out of trash found in Calcasieu Parish. His tail, constructed out of a broom, symbolizes how important it is to sweep away litter that can leave a school looking like a scary lab experiment.



But you don’t have to wait for his school visit to see Fetch in all his broom wagging glory. Fetch and his human, Trashsquatch, have supporting roles in the parish litter videos and Fetch is a regular in the Krewe of Barkus Parade during Mardi Gras season. 

Designer Litter Bags
To celebrate the rich variety of Calcasieu’s outstanding culture, the Police Jury joined forces with local artists to create “artful” litter bags (These are no longer available).

Candice Alexander Designer Litter Bag

"Special Southern Sunset" by Candice Alexander



Elton Louviere Designer Litter Bag

"Dawn" by Elton Louviere  NOTE: Louviere passed away in 2014 at the age of 83.

 Kevin Leveque Artist Litter Bag

 "On the Calcasieu" by Kevin Lawrence Leveque


3-D Billboards
Our two 3-D litter billboards have been a great success!

Our Public Works crews and the Sheriff's Office Litter Inmate crews helped to place the garbage on the second billboard.  First Federal Bank also supported the project.  Take a look at the end result below:

3D Billboard 2011