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Say HELLO to Libby

Post Date:05/24/2017 9:10 AM
OverDrive's new Libby app



Meet Libby, a new app built with  for readers to discover and enjoy eBooks and audiobooks from your library.

Inspired by user and library feedback, Libby was designed to get people reading as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from librarians and users during the public beta, OverDrive’s excited to officially introduce Libby to your readers.  

Meet Libby! 

Why you’ll love Libby

Libby was engineered from the ground up with many new features and enhancements requested by your readers and staff:

  • Quick and easy for first time users
  • Integrated reading and listening experience with OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen
  • No Adobe ID or account registration required
  • Faster performance and powerful search
  • Same experience on all devices
  • Customizable browsing options to find the books you want faster
  • Simplified download settings
  • Fixed-layout and Read-Along eBook support
  • Support for eBook highlights and annotations
  • Custom lists for tagging books you love, want to read and more

Have suggestions for the Libby app?

The direct route for Libby specific feedback is within Libby itself. Under the settings sidebar (accessed by tapping the three stacked horizontal line button in the upper right corner), select the feedback option at the bottom and from the feedback page, take the survey at the bottom of that page.

Why did OverDrive choose the name “Libby?”

The new app intentionally has a different name and brand to appeal to a new audience—and reposition to past users—to provide a fresh opportunity to bring them to the library. Libby guides readers along their way in a warm, personal and friendly way. 

Will the Libby app replace the OverDrive app?

No. If you’re a current user of the OverDrive app and love using it, please keep doing so. Whether you’re a new user or a current OverDrive app user interested in a new reading experience, give Libby a try.  

Should libraries promote both Libby and the OverDrive app to our patrons at the same time?

We recommend promoting Libby to new users, and later in 2017, we’ll begin encouraging existing OverDrive app users to switch to Libby. The OverDrive app offers some features Libby doesn’t yet offer, like accessibility, Recommend to Library, streaming video and a multilingual interface, so if a user requires those features, the OverDrive app will be a better option for now. 

Can a user use both the OverDrive app and Libby and the same time?

Yes, but we recommend using one or the other for the best experience because the apps are not fully synced. 

What features are not available in Libby?

We’re continuing to develop Libby to offer important features like accessibility, Recommend to Library and multilingual support. We expect to have some of these features available by Fall 2017. If a patron requires and/or enjoys any of these features, we recommend the OverDrive app for now. 

How will Libby users find Help and Support?

Libby help is available at and is also available via the Tips & Secrets option in the app’s menu.

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